Following code can be used to Short urls in ruby or ruby on rails application.
I am using Google API for this.

require "rest_client"
require 'json'

# UrlShorther 
# Use it UrlShortner.shortner(link)
# It will return and sorted url ""

class UrlShortner
  def self.shortner(link)
     response ='', 
                {"longUrl" => link }.to_json, headers = {'Content-Type' => 'application/json'})
     response = JSON.parse response
     shortned_url = response["id"]
   rescue Exception => e

Get this API KEY

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One thought on “quick url shortner ruby

  1. You can also use gem ‘shorturl’ as by this you can convert longer url to tiny url or bitly url and so many other option is also available by this gem.

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