We can give a try for Sidekiq – Ruby background job processor.(it’s faster than resque in terms of processing)

Some of point about Sidekiq

  • Sidekiq enables background processing via threads. it uses a pool of threads to process jobs so at most you have one master process.
  • Sidekiq is Resque compatible so we can use with existing Resque code and then process them using new Sidekiq workers.
  • Internally Sidekiq uses the Celluloid actor library to make threading easier and safer to manage.




  • does not require thread safety (works with pretty much any gem out there);
  • has no interpreter preference (you can use any ruby);
  • loads of plugins.


  • runs a process per worker (uses more memory);
  • does not retry jobs (out of the box, anyway).



  • runs thread per worker (uses much less memory);
  • less forking (works faster);
  • more options out of the box.


  • [huge] requires thread-safety of your code and all the dependencies. If you run thread-unsafe code with threads, you’re asking for trouble;
  • much less plugins (at the moment there are only 2);
  • works on some rubies better than others (jruby and rubinius are recommended).

reference : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11580954/resque-vs-sidekiq


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